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Spain 010


We traveled to Spain for the month of May. We spent a week in Madrid, eating great food and visited museums and historic sites. Then we took the high-speed train to Barcelona for another week. We ventured out to see Montserrat, Girona and Figueres, home of the Salvador Dali Theater and Museum. Next we flew to Barcelona to see the Guggenheim Museum. We drove west and spent time in Picos de Europa, a beautiful rugged mountain national park. Our last stop was San Sebastian, gastronomic capital of the world. And by the way, all photos were shot with a Sony RX100 M6, a small, pocket-sized camera with a great sensor and lens. I didn’t have to lug around 15 pounds of photo gear!

20190320 Desert Camp  099


We spent March of 2019 in Morocco, traveling more than 1,600 miles. We used Audley Travel as our agent and they did a great job getting us into some very ineresting places. Morocco is a beautiful country with deserts, snow-capped mountains, beaches and rolling agricultural hills. The people are friendly and welcoming. We highly recommend a trip to Morocco.


Skydiving has always been on my bucket list, so this year Margaret Shoemake and I decided to go for it while our spouses stayed on the ground. What a thrill! It took only 5 minutes to jump out of the plane and land on the ground. We juped from 14,000 feet, fell 120mph to 7,000 feet and drifted to the ground. Really awesome.

Want to watch a video? Click on this photo:

20190218 Skydiving 003

Goliath Grouper 

Every September Goliath Grouper congregate off the Palm Beaches to spawn. Some years we’ve seen more than 100 of these large fish on one wreck. We drift dive, and the current is strong. Take a close up look at these guys.

Greenland and the High Canadian Arctic 

In August of 2018 Susan and I went to Greenland, the High Canadian Arctic and Iceland. We love the light, scenery and wildlife in the polar regions of the earth. We plan on taking more trips to the north very soon. This trip we saw a polar bear trying to drag ashore a dead narwhal; walrus on pack ice, and introduced ourselves to the wonderful people, the Inuit.


In May of 2018 Susan and I spent a month in Ireland. Starting in Dublin, we drove almost 2,000 miles around the countryside. It was challenging to drive on the left side of the road. The scenery and history were amazing. Click on the photo of the dolphin jumping as we approach Skelling Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage Site off the south coast to see more photos of the Emerald Isle.


Having never been to Southeast Asia, Susan and I decided to jump right in—waist deep—by going to Myanmar. Our friends and family asked us if we were afraid to go. Despite some troubles in the country, we decided to go and it was one of the most remarkable vacations we have ever had. The people were friendly and hospitable. The food was great, and the pagodas were filled with people—and gold.


The Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba 

Susan and I love traveling in the Arctic. This was our first venture north in the winter to see polar bears. We traveled to Churchill, Manitoba, on Hudson Bay. Early each winter, polar bears gather near Churchill to wait for the ice to freeze, so they can go onto the icepack to hunt ringed seals. We saw many bears and other wildlife. 

Click here to watch a movie on the Polar Bears of Churchill.

Squid Mating

September 18, 2017

About three years ago I swichted from shooting still photographs underwater to shooting video underwater. Video adds another dimension to my work. In September we went to Bonaire for a week of diving, and I was lucky enough to capture two squids mating. 

What she saw - What he saw on the Palm Beach Reef

Every year the Goliath grouper gather on the wrecks off Palm Beach to spawn in September. It’s always fun to explore the reef because you never know what you will discover. Watch this short movie to find out.

Total Solar Eclipse, Diamond Ring Effect, Scottsbluff, Nebraska           

August 21, 2017

For two years I have been planning to photograph the first Total Solar Eclipse to cross the United States in 99 years. I have photographed many solar eclipses but never have experienced Totality. This is one thing every person should see in their  lifetime. I chose western Nebraska based on historical weather patterns for that date. Click on the Diamond Ring to see a movie and more photos.


April and May, 2017

Wanting to return to Europe, we decided to go to Portugal. We spend 30 days wandering the countryside, stopping in charming villages and driving backroads. We met incredible people and enjoyed grilled seafood and wonderful wine. I’m taking a bit of a different tack on this gallery, showing you the pages of the book I made to tell the story. So there’s text along with the photos. 

Scuba Diving in Cozumel and swimming with the whale sharks near Isla Mujeres            

July, 2016

We travelled with the Scuba Club—38 of us—to Cozumel for a week of spectacular wall dives. The water visibility is about 200 feet. We saw amazing corals and sponges with a wide variety of fish. Hawksbill turtles were feeding on sponges. On the last day, we traveled to Isla Mujeres for a day of swimming with whale sharks—the largest fish in the ocean that feed on the smallest creatures in the ocean—plankton and fish spawn.

The Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank             

March, 2016

This Spring we traveled to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to board the Turks & Caicos Explorer II for a week-long trip to photograph humpback whales on the Silver Bank, a large underwater plateau 90 miles north of the Dominican Republic. We saw many whales, both above and below the water.  This trip was quite a thrill for both of us.

New England: Acadia National Park, Boston and Cape Cod

September, 2016

It was over 30 years ago since we visited Acadia National Park, so we decided to head to New England. First stop was historical Boston, then we drove to Acadia National Park. From there we headed to Cape Cod, and it turned out to be one of our favorite places to relax. A word of warning: Everything closes on Columbus Day.

Pacific Northwest             

September, 2015

Susan and I spent 5 weeks with family in Seattle, Olympic National Park, the San Juan Islands and Los Angeles. We saw lots of orcas, rainforests, lakes and waterfalls. In Los Angeles we watched TV shows being produced and visited family. Then we headed south to San Diego and Mexico for diving with great white sharks (see below).

Great White Shark Diving on Isla Guadalupe, Mexico    

September, 2015

It’s like being 3 feet from a dinosaur that is trying to eat you!

Here’s a link to a moveie about the most exciting wildlife adventure we have ever had: diving with Great White Sharks in the Pacific Ocean. Click here to view the movie.                     Click on the gaping mouth to see still photos.


May/June, 2015

We went to the land of the Vikings just before the summer solstice. We spent a week in Reykjavik, exploring the Golden Circle, South Shore and Snaelfellness Peninsula before boarding the M/V Sea Spirit for an 11-day circumnavigation of Iceland. 


February, 2015

Susan and I partnered with Pastor Ron Hilliard from the 1st Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach to take 10 photographers on a 10-day tour of Cuba, visiting Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. We arrived in Cuba just as the United States and Cuba are negotiating to establish normal diplomatic relations. Havana is only 40 minutes away from Miami by air, but it is a world away. Step back in time.

Click here to watch a video of Cuba that I made using iMovie.

The Pennsylvania Kid

In 1974 I spent two weeks riding the rails with the "Pennsylvania Kid," also known as Richard Wilson. He had just been crowned "King of the Hoboes in Britt, Iowa. I convinced him to let me tag along and document his life. I slept in coal bins, under overpasses and in empty box cars. The railroad men loved "Pennsy" and each year they treated him to a new pair of overalls. 

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