One on One

If  you don’t have the time to take a group workshop or want special attention, please consider scheduling a private instruction session.  I also teach special workshops for small groups of photographers.

I see many clients on a weekly basis. All have told me they learn more from me in two hours than they do from other teachers in week-long workshops.

Topics can include anything related to photography or Apple computers.

I can teach  you how to use your camera, whether it is a compact point-and-shoot or a complex digital Single Lens Reflex camera--any brand, any style.

Are you interested in close-up photography, flash or other specialized techniques? I can help you.

If you need help editing photographs, making a movie, putting together a book or setting up your Apple computer as a digital darkroom, I have the experience and know-how to teach you what you need to know.

Please contact me for pricing and available dates and times.        © 2017 John J. Lopinot