What photographers are saying about John’s Workshops:

“My One-on-One lessons with you are so exhilarating. My mind just spins excitedly for the rest of the day!”

Ranny Wycoff, Palm Beach, Florida



                    © Polly Reed

“The workshop was really great! So much information gracefully delivered to such addled brains!”

Polly Reed, Palm Beach, Florida

 MG 7793

                          © Jean Thomas

“No other workshop leader that I know can teach not only photography but video, lighting techniques, iMovie, iDVD, and Mac classes. It has been a relief to know that if I ever have a question, John is only a call away!  Your workshops have been the best.  But most important, your workshops are FUN!  You always have our best interest at heart.”  

Jean Thomas, Coral Springs, Florida    

Moonvine over Pond Apple-1

                                        © Sarah Brown

“John is able to take complicated concepts and explains the process, enabling me to understand how to create the photograph I want. His electronic flash courses are essential to how I photograph today.  John is always motivating and entertaining making for a great workshop!”  Sarah Brown, Sarah Brown Images - Photographic Consulting, Research, and Conservation Photography  

in the rear view

                  © Eileen Duranko

“Once you have taken a workshop with John, you will instantly recognize his dedication to students, his love of nature and his integrity. The learning challenges he presents and the friends made are all valued and life enhancing experiences.”

Eileen Duranko, New York City  


“THANK YOU for the excellent manner in which you conducted the workshop and guided us through discovery of wonderful night shots.  I learned so much tonight.  I value the time I spent in your workshop and will enjoy the fruits of it forever!”

Lynne Mass, Delray Beach, Florida 


“You are an awesome instructor and I learned so much from you!  Looking forward to more workshops with you!”

Ginnie Fountain, Clewiston, Florida

2011 red feather015

                                         © Jennifer M. O’Brien

“I am amazed at how much I have learned from John in the last 2 years.  I have taken other workshops, but now I  finally feel comfortable with my camera. His critiques are invaluable!”

Jennifer O’Brien, Palm Beach, Florida

“John is as much a gifted teacher as he is an excellent photographer, so his critiques are always educational and constructive. Most importantly to me is John's explanation of why a photograph "works" and why it doesn’t.”  

Cindy Bartosek, West Palm Beach, Florida

pelicans feeding at merit

      © Stanley Goldberg

“What separates John's workshops from most others is his ability to get access to places that quite frankly are closed to others. John is, in his heart a naturalist, and his contact with other naturalists including the Audubon people allow him to have first hand information on where the birds are and where they are not.” 

Stanley Goldberg, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“I joined your workshop not having any idea what I would learn.  I knew the concept of depth of field, but now I know how to control it. I thought that using autofocus was great--now I use manual focus. I will not hesitate to shoot into the sun. I learned a great deal in a short time.” 

Robert Weiss, Melville, New York

BensonGorilla Napping

         ©  Ken Benson

“John brings an extraordinary knowledge of photography learned from his longstanding position as photography editor of the Palm Beach Post. What sets John apart from others is his uncanny ability to assess the needs of each individual and makes sure that every student understands the concepts. His workshops are fun and informative. His calm and reassuring manner makes everyone feel at ease.”

Ken Benson, Alpharetta, Georgia 

“Thank you so much,  John!  You are my mentor and my inspiration and with your continued help I will continue to grow.”  M.B.

“Taking  John's photography classes and adventures have greatly enhanced my photography technique and creativity.  His positive teaching skills and encouragement are the best.  The talented people I have met and friends I have made have added to this great learning environment.”

Linda Mathison, Tequesta, Florida  

“Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Photography is something I have wanted to do for many, many years with little success. I plan on continuing my walkabouts in the woods with camera and new-found knowledge in hand, looking for that next great “Mother Nature” moment.  Again, thank you very much.”     D.W.

“Once again....Thanks so very much for your talented instruction in photography.  Now, if I could just remember everything....LOL!”  

Barbara Burke, Boca Raton, Florida

Alligator & Baby

                  © Barbara Kuebler

“If you want to improve your photographic skills and have fun doing it, consider taking a workshop with John J. Lopinot.   John is an accomplished  photographer with a great love and respect for the natural world.  He is a patient teacher and enthusiastic workshop leader.  He is generous with his time, both in class and in the field.   As a result of many years of study with John, I have learned to “work a subject” and create images with better composition and  more impact.  His small classes encourage an exchange of ideas between students, and many wonderful friendships are the result of time spent together sharing a common interest in photography.”

Barbara Kuebler, Jupiter, Florida

“I want to thank you for the instruction I received in your class over the last three Sundays.  Despite having no prior experience, and quite frankly being intimidated by all the experienced students in the class, I was able to follow along with your instruction and examples in the class.  I also appreciate being able to hear your comments on all the student's photos in the last class.  Thanks for your kind words about my photos also. It was fun!”  

Steven Viti, West Palm Beach, Florida

"John’s skill and enthusiasm as an instructor are exceptional. He combines a love for photography with his desire to help others improve their ability to express themselves visually.  His knowledge of great shooting locations and the reinventing of his workshops draw his students together year after year.”

Jose Rocha, Wellington, Florida

Ti Plant ~ Mounts Botanical Gardens, FL

               © Marge Barham

“Over the years John led me from snapshots to dramatically better-looking photographs while teaching me many of his guarded photographic tricks of the trade.  His expertise in wildlife and nature is an added bonus followed by the encouragement he gives his students through critiques in the field.  John is a passionate teacher and enjoys helping students capture their personal photographic vision.”     

Marge Barham, White Plains, New York

2011 03 10-Sandhill Cranes-194

                © Ralph Fletcher

“If you really want to enjoy photography and all its benefits and challenges, I strongly recommend learning from a truly outstanding professional.  My photographic experiences have benefited greatly from ever increasing skill levels developed from multiple classes, field trips and workshops conducted by John Lopinot. Clear, concise and comprehensive are the terms that describe John’s classes - all delivered in a professional, thoughtful and supportive manner.  My photographic experiences and development under the tutelage of John have greatly enhanced my enjoyment and appreciation of the art and science of photography.  I highly recommend John and encourage you to join his classes.”

Ralph Fletcher, Mount Kisco, New York    

TULIPS - FINAL ALL 2 - 16 x 24 - 4 (1)

                                       © Francine Rogers

“Having taken many kinds of workshops with many different instructors, it is my opinion that John is the best person to go to--if you want to learn as much as you can, in a safe and positive environment! He conducts small group workshops and his critique is done in a positive manner, in which no one is embarrassed nor felt to be inadequate. Rather, his comments help you grow towards being a better photographer. 

Even in a group situation, he works with you on a one-to-one basis, as he always makes time for every individual student in his group. If there are any questions in the group, he answers every question. Not one question goes unanswered. 

In every one of his workshops I have been in, it felt more like a private lesson! After taking one class from John about my electronic flash, I learned more about how to use my flash, than in three years worth of trying to get through the manual and video tutorials! I learned to be confident and now use it in ways that I had never used it before!

What is even more wonderful is that if ever I have a question, and I have, I e-mail John, and he ALWAYS returns my email with an answer to my question. He is not only a teacher and mentor, but a FRIEND FOR LIFE!”

Francine Rogers, Boca Raton, Florida

IMG 0029

              © PhotoArt By Jill

“If you're looking for someone to enhance your passion & share his knowledge of photography-- not to mention computer technology--he's your man! He is my mentor!”

Jilluann Valliere, Wellington, Florida

                                        © Edward Butzin

"John is one of those rare individuals who is not only an excellent photographer but an excellent teacher as well.”

Edward Butzin, Jupiter, Florida

"John is committed to helping every photographer no matter his level of expertise to achieve his best photographic experience.  His knowledge and his ability to impart that knowledge is combined with uncommon humility, kindness and warmth.  His trips are well organized, but best of all he has access to unbelievable well scouted shooting locations."

Dr. Michael Rozen, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida        © 2017 John J. Lopinot