2017 Workshops

2017 Workshops at The Society of the Four Arts:

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iPhone Workshop  With each new iPhone and iOS update, Apple has included everything you could want in a modern, high-end smartphone—multiple features, flexibility and the world’s best-selling camera. But it doesn’t include instructions on how to use all the features you’ve heard about!

The Art of Photographing Flowers   Photographing flowers is an an amazing way to combine fun, nature and your passion for gardening and photography. However, if you have ever tried to photograph flowers, you may already know this is easier said than done. 

Navigating Your Mac   This workshop is designed to help you take control of your Apple computer. You’ll learn how to customize your Mac for your preferences. This class sells out fast, so sign up early!

iPhoneOgraphy        Just about everyone carries an iPhone these days. It's convenient form factor, built-in software, and third-party apps have led it to become the immediate choice for millions of users worldwide. I will teach you everything about the camera in your iPhone, from shooting and editing pictures using your iPhone's basic features, to third-party apps and techniques for turning ordinary snapshots into unique and artistic images.

Organizing and Editing Your Photos on a Mac   What are the most precious files on your computer? I would guess it’s your photographs. This workshop will teach you about workflow: from camera to computer. I’ll show you the tools I use to organize my photos. You can download free 30-day trials of the software I use and see if you really want to optimize your photos and get your workflow organized. 

Making a Project with Apple’s iMovie   This workshop will introduce you to Apple’s powerful application, iMovie, which allows you to create stunning presentations by mixing your still photographs, video clips and music to create Hollywood-style presentations. 

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